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The tester’s guidelines

Would you like to test Lucile Ateliers Designs patterns before their official release?
Registration for test calls is open to all. Tests are carried out on a voluntary basis. It’s essential that you read and accept this guidelines before subscribing to the test call mailing list. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive test emails when they’re available.

ateliers designs3 - The tester's guidelines

Last updated on 04.05.2024

Rules to observe

The test is voluntary and unpaid. We take care to leave everyone free to interpret the model. However, there are a few rules that must be observed when carrying out a test:

  • Have some experience: the test is open to several levels, but we ask that pattern testers have knitted at least once a project of the same type as the one being tested: a sweater for a sweater, a hat for a hat…
  • Respect the gauge: the gauge is the essential basis for the accuracy of a model. It is imperative to make a swatch and block it before starting the project to check its tension. The pattern specifies whether the swatch is worked in the round or flat, whether it includes a pattern… Adjust your needle size to obtain the right gauge, following the pattern indications.
  • Respect the deadline: a test deadline is always indicated and must be respected. By this date, the project must be completed, blocked and dry. The end-of-test questionnaire must be completed. In general, lead times are 1 month for accessories and 2 months for sweaters and cardigans.
  • Block the project: blocking gives the project its final dimensions. The test should be completed with the project blocked at the measurements indicated in the pattern (or adapted according to the modifications you’ve made to your knit).
  • Completing the questionnaire: at the end of the test, we send you a short questionnaire to collect the essential information from the test:
    • total yardage or yardage per color for multi-color patterns (in this case, each ball/skein must be weighed before and after knitting),
    • measurements with indication of any pattern modifications,
    • the difficulty experienced.
  • Exchange on Slack: all test exchanges take place on Slack. You need to be able to consult the exchanges regularly to check for any updates to the pattern and provide feedback. Exchanges, pattern updates and questionnaire submissions are done exclusively on Slack.
  • Add your project to Ravelry: during the test, we send you a Ravelry code enabling you to add the pattern to your projects even before its release. On the day the pattern is released, add at least one photo of your choice of the finished project on Ravelry, indicating the yarn you used.

In return

  • We guarantee a pleasant and friendly exchange group. This also means that we reserve the right to exclude from the test and from calls to the test anyone who fails to observe this principle.
  • We’ll be happy to answer your questions and talk to you directly, in a small group. We answer Monday to Friday from 9am to 6.30pm and Saturday from 9am to 12pm.
  • You’re free to use the yarn of your choice, as long as you get the right gauge. Whenever possible, you get a discount on the yarn used for the sample. The only case in which the wire is imposed is if it’s supplied free of charge. In all cases, you will be informed as soon as the test is called.
  • Once the test has been completed (project finished and questionnaire filled in before the end of the test) then you will receive the pattern in your Ravelry library in its final version on the day of its official release.
  • What’s more, once you’ve completed the test, we’ll give you a unique Ravelry code for 25% off all our patterns (excluding exclusive magazine and brand publications) for 1 year. You can also use this code to offer a pattern to the person of your choice.

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