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Knitting in one’s skin

About us

At Lucile Ateliers Designs, we work for those who have knitting in one’s skin.

Founded in 2017 by Lucile Francomme in France, our company embodies a passion for knitwear and yarn through elegant and timeless creations, as well as a thoughtful and ethical approach.

We believe in the quality of materials as much as in the beauty of the technique. That’s why we recommend knitting yarns that combine pleasure, durability, and ethics. We have a preference for the natural and a love for simple yet refined style, as well-made knits stand the test of time, both in terms of material and style.

We pay attention to the careful writing of our patterns. Our diverse expertise, open to the world, brings a unique perspective and high standards to what we want to put in your hands.

Our strength


We offer a reasonable number of rendezvous, prioritizing quality, durability, and timelessness of our creations over quantity. Our meticulous selection of yarns from trusted brands, primarily European, reflects our commitment to quality and ethics, while maintaining a global outlook.


We offer designs, translation services, and tech editing worldwide. This versatile approach allows us to develop reliable and complementary tools to create high-quality knitting patterns. Our work is enriched by our various experiences in the knitting industry and our relationships with these stakeholders.”


We are fascinated by every aspect of knitting, from natural fiber to history. Inspired by the artisans around us, we continuously enrich our practices. This love for knitting guides our creativity and commitment to designing unique creations that you’ll enjoy knitting and wearing.

portrait lucile ateliers designs web 1024x682 - About us
I have a taste for simple and elegant things in fashion, and I seek beautiful and comfort materials because I like to combine the useful with the enjoyable.”
Nature is my main source of inspiration, and I strive to understand materials, their origin, and their transformation.
Knitting is a family affair, passed down by my great-grandmother. It’s with great joy that I perpetuate this know-how through my business, while sharing my knowledge with the thousands of people who trust me to guide them in their knitted creations.
portrait lucile ateliers designs web 150x150 - About usLucile Francomme, founder of Lucile Ateliers Designs

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